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With Virtual Health Fitness, staying fit and in peak health condition has never been this easy and convenient. We are your trusted online experts that offer products and services in areas such as health, fitness, wellness, and nutritional counseling. Serving as your online gym and wellness center, our website will help you stay in top shape and live a fulfilling healthy lifestyle.

Virtual Health Fitness
Virtual Health Fitness

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a one-stop shop in providing the best services and related products in:

  • Group Fitness Classes for ALL ages
  • Personal Training
  • Health Coaching
  • Dance classes & lessons
  • Nutrition Counselling
  • Stress Management Assistance
  • Fitness Tests

Why Work With Us

We want everyone to feel and look their best from using our wellness-focused products and services. That is why our platform is a no-judgment zone-community. With us, you will feel like you’re connecting with family and friends who will be your accountability partners in helping you reach your health and wellness goals.

Virtual Health Fitness

Virtual Health and Fitness is the future….! Online fitness is one of the fastest growing segments of the fitness industry. All this growth is incredibly positive because it provides health and fitness resources to the general consumer wherever they happen to be Prior to the Covid19 global health crisis, virtual health and fitness programs were thriving. Exercising outside the gym or in your living room is nothing new. Home workout tapes first gained popularity in the 1980s.
A lot of people want to be fitter and healthier, but they just lack the time, motivation, and convenience to commit to this desire. As our lives get busier, we find more and more hindrances to keep our body fit and healthy. Therefore, online fitness in the future of health and wellness. All you need to get started is the internet and one connected device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop and smart TV. Indeed, thank goodness for technology and the options to engage in health and fitness programs without too much hustle. You don’t have to step out of your comfort zone or be confined to one location for your health and fitness needs. You can take fitness classes and meet with your trainer at your preferred time and location. For most of us, our homes are our comfort zones. You can set up a basic, or elaborate, home gym in your basements, garage, backyard, or any other suitable room in your house. With distance not being an issue of concern at all, you can easily and conveniently participate in any of our health and fitness programs, from anywhere in the world.
The Virtual health and fitness market has exploded in recent years for good reasons. Some of those reasons are:

  • Flexible Location:

    Virtual training opens the doors to be able to work out whenever and wherever. You could be at home, on a business trip, vacation, or at a friend for the weekend and still be able to get your workouts in. Some people dislike the gym atmosphere and the inconvenience of commuting to a fitness center.

  • Flexible schedule:

    Virtual training, depending on the service you purchase, you can be extremely flexible. Meaning that your schedule is much less of a constraint for workout out and getting healthy.

  • It’s accessible:

    You need good internet connection and a device (laptop, tablet, smartphone or smart TV) and most people at least have a smartphone these days. Also because it’s done virtually, the service you’re using most likely is dealing with less overhead costs and can deliver to you at a lower price point than a class at a gym – it’s cheaper.

  • It’s effective:

    Don’t for a second thing that just because it’s not at a typical gym, at home workouts won’t be effective. With the proper intensity and effort as well as a good, smart program (workout plan) working out at home is equally as effective as a gym. It’s just different, mostly due to lacking access to the plethora of machines, dumbbells, and various equipment you get in the gym. However you can easily set up a basic home gym with simple gym equipment that you need for your workout. Please visit our Shop to purchase home gym equipment at affordable prices.

  • Teaches and emphasizes body awareness:

    This is a huge pro for virtual health and fitness. The more bodyweight training you do, the more you’ll master the awareness and control of your body. This will lead to a healthier body image, increase self-confidence, and improve our daily function.

  • It can be private:

    Meaning that you don’t have to share your training and space with other members of a gym. If you have a trainer/coach, this is a time you can work with someone to help you lay a good foundation of movement, strength, and endurance while you can also be confident that no one is watching or judging you. This can give some relieve to people who are intimidated from join a large fitness center or working out in front of other people, or strangers.

  • Higher level of accountability:

    Although there’s no physical presence with our staff, we will hold you accountable by checking with you and helping you track your progress and making any recommendations that may help you to better achieve your health and fitness goals. We also provide a platform for connection with other virtual health and fitness members and staff to discuss various related topics and ask any questions to help you along your journey. We can provide daily-check-ins, online chats, and very consistent support.

  • Change up your workout space from home to another location as needed:

    Although you might generally workout at home, you don’t have to be stuck working out at home all the time. You can take your virtual health and fitness workouts with you to any location of your choice where you have good internet connection. You can work out at a park, your backyard, at your work if there’s space for you to workout.

  • High quality trainers and instructors:

    Our staff is professional, certified, experienced and experts in the health and fitness subject matter and therefore are of high quality to help you achiever your health and fitness goals.

  • Attentive staff:

    Just because our staff is not physically present at your location, it doesn’t mean that we will allow you to struggle on your own to know if you’re doing the exercises correctly or not. We have mastered a way to watch your form and movement, cue you so that you can do it correctly. We are there to help you perform the exercises correctly to minimize injury.

  • You won’t miss your “gym ritual” -

    You will simply transfer to the virtual space in the comfort of any physical space you choose. Your personal gym space can feel almost like the gym but probably better because you can add your own personal touch and make it comfortable and inspiring for yourself.

  • Virtual connection and engagement with people all over the world:

    We provide opportunities for our members from all over the world to connect via online forums to ask health and fitness questions from our staff on a real time and ongoing basis. This vibrant and real time engage prevents our members and clients from feeling isolated.

  • Health and Fitness information at your fingertips:

    Finally, you can access health and fitness resources and information easily to help you make informed decisions about your health and workout regimen.