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Before you embark on any of our health and fitness programs, we HIGHLY recommend that you get a fitness test and assessment through us to help us provide you good guidance and accountability throughout your fitness journey. Fitness tests and assessment are important for establishing your baseline number that you can use to measure your success. They’re essential for setting fitness goals, tracking progress, making changes to your program, and helping you train safely. Fitness tests and assessments are a reality check because they allow you to understand your current fitness level. This helps you appreciate the journey to achieving your goals, which in turn provides you the motivation that you need to excel.

Our fitness tests and assessments will give you the numbers you need to know such as weight, girths, strength, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular level, and body fat/composition.

Our online tests and assessments are conducted by experienced and certified personal trainers and fitness specialists. The results will give you a clear idea of their strength, flexibility, and general fitness level. The test results will also provide you a starting point for developing an appropriate fitness program. Fitness tests and assessments provide valuable feedback later as part of the reassessments, or retests, to see what progress were made or not made.

We can test and assess you in all/any of the following:

  • The push-up test - The Push-Up test is a good measure of upper body strength and muscle endurance.
  • The crunch test - This test is a good indicator of endurance and trunk strength.
  • The shoulder flexibility test - This quick test is a great way to see general combined upper body and arm flexibility. A helper can be convenient to assist with performing the test.
  • The sit and reach box test - For determining flexibility of the hamstrings and lower back, the Sit and Reach test is perfect. Easy to do and only a yardstick and a box are needed.
  • The YMCA step test for VO2 - Step tests are an easy way to obtain a pretty good idea of cardiovascular fitness with minimal equipment.
  • The waist to hip ratio test- The Waist to Hip ratio test can be a good indicator to determine if a person is overweight. To some extent it can also relate to cardiovascular fitness when combined with the VO2 test previously mentioned. And of course it records the girth of both the hip and waist. These two measures can work well with weight loss goals.
  • Body Composition/Body Fat - Body composition is one of the most useful assessment strategies for health and weight.

Here is a list of some of the basic home equipment that you need to get a fitness test and assessment done, virtually. You don’t need to have everything on this list, it all depends on what you want done. By knowing your current level, we can create a program level that fits your needs.

 If you don’t have anything on this list, please purchase it from our online store:

  1. Tape measurement
  2. Step/Step platform with risers (if step is not high enough)
  3. Floor mat/towel
  4. Body fat-BMI machine
  5. Weight scale
  6. Yard stick
  7. Box jumps
  8. Other (based on Personal Trainer recommendation)

Our tests and assessments will you give you a very good picture on your fitness level and provide realistic goals. We will do these tests and assessments via video conferencing and they usually take less than an hour. The results are accurate and are helpful in setting realistic fitness goals and provide good guidance for your health and fitness program. You can re-test and reassess anytime to track your progress.


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