Martha R.

I have a fine arts degree in Dance. I have been dancing since a very young age. I have trained in many styles including: Ballet, Jazz, modern dance, hip hop, Tap, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Lyrical and Contemporary.  I have been teaching different types of dances for the past 10 years both recreationally and competitively. I am very passionate about dance and teaching. I enjoy sharing my passion for dance with my students.

It is important for students to feel confident, motivated, and inspired always as they learn a new dance or improve on their dance levels. I want my students succeed, be proud of their accomplishments and enjoy all the hard work and dedication they put into dancing and learning a new dance.

I always aim to create an environment where dancers feel safe, valued, free to explore new things, and empowered to express themselves creatively. I am thrilled to share my love of dance and work with her students to develop their technique, build their self-confidence, and encourage their artistic expression!